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Last Porsche Drive
After 5+ years of ownership I have sold my 1989 911/964 C4. It was on the market for a while, but I knew she would find a good home. Her new owner already has another Porsche, she he knows how to take care of them. Best of luck and enjoy your new ride. Just like with the 912, this site will remain up and active as an archive. -89c4


No Longer Spoiled
Spoiler RepairAfter 3+ weeks, I finally got me replacement part to repair the rear spoiler. The original piece became stripped and stopped raising the rear spoiler. After a quick swap I am back in business. I also ordered an extra rubber cap since the original basically disintegrated when I handled it. Don't want to wait another 3+ weeks for that little piece. Now I can drive above the previously recommended 72mph.


Happy 2009 | My 964 Turns 20
Blower MotorHappy New Year to everyone. I'm still cleaning up the mess that was my computer crash, but all should be restored soon. As for the C4 and Porsche is general, things have been happening:

1. Received a very nice Porsche Design Group pen and hat from one of the owners of the company I work for. Hat fits great, and the pen looks awesome on my Porsche shelf.
2. Cleaned the servo's so now the vent opperates as it is suppose to on the passenger side thanks to this excellent article.
3. Ordered a new heater blower relay from Stoddards and a new fan motor from Get Cool Parts. Looking forward to that project thanks to this article. That will hopefully happen in the new year (took care of that project and my idle and performance above 4000rpms is awesome).
4. New slave for the AWD is ordered and needs to be installed by Imagine, but I've been slammed and unable to get over there. Little drip.
5. Cracked drivers fog lens in a perfect circle. Need to get a new one ordered.
6. Rear spoiler isn't opening. I have the part on order to fix that little inconvenience.

So the bigs things currently are getting the heater to work and getting that new slave taken care of. I've been looking at new wheels and tires, pretty sure I'm abandoning the idea of installing turbo side-mirrors, need to take care of the rear seat belt, and there has been mild discussion of a supercharger. We'll see what the new year brings.

20 years on the road. They grow up so fast, don't they? Hoping the weather gets nicer consistently so I can open her up on the road.


She's Back Again
Who keys a man car!?!?I ask again, who the FUCK keys a man's (or woman's) car?! Thanks to the guys over at Carriage & Motor Works she is as pristine as the day she was originally painted (for those new to the site, hit refresh a couple times to see the 3 images I have in rotation up top). I had both back sections taken care of due to a number of additional rock chips. She looks amazing back there. Makes you look a little closer at the front bumper and hood... next on the list of re-painting.

I've been busy with a Porsche related online project so I haven't been doing anything all that fun in the C4. Been researching SuperChargers. I've found a great set of 18" rims that I really like. Need new tires.

I've been answering a number of emails from you, the reading public. That's cool. I also need to update the photos section with all the detail pictures from the re-paint. I'll do that at some point.


Who the F*%K Keys a Man's Porsche?
CA PorscheYes, fellow readers, I have been a bit silent as of late. I've been off doing things like working, coaching the boys soccer team, and dealing with some bastard who keyed my car a while back. I am now just getting around to having it repainted (in the shop this am). I have some great images of my rear bumper off and such, but I asked a Porsche owner if I could post his 964 in the main space and he deserves to be up there.

Very nice ride Duncan.

So, I should have my nicely re-painted rear section C4 back next week sometime. Knowing she was on her way in I figured prior to dropping her off I'd see if I could bust out the 161 top speed Porsche tells me a stock 964 can handle. Now, we all know I no longer have a stock 964 C4... and she can go a little bit faster then 161mph... try 170mph, with more to give. No photo's, no video, only my word.


PDG | LA Sightings
LEGO PorscheMy company opened a new office in LA recently. I was there for the opening party now two weeks ago. The Porsche sightings were overwhelming. It was as if every other car was Boxster. I also saw a great yellow 912 and a near mint 914. I didn't take any pix this time around (I know, it just didn't feel right). I did get a very cool Porsche Design Group lighter (which has since run out of fluid; go figure).

A while back I bought one of the LEGO Ferrari's from them directly. Took 4 months to get here, and I have yet to build it. I've been hoping/waiting for them to do a Porsche line. I was searching online and found this fantastic example of a 911 created by Aaron Sevier. Check out his site for additional shots. Just amazing. Hey Aaron, I need instructions and a parts list please.


4th of July 912
4th Porsche 912I trust no one blew off a finger or sustained any "serious" burns. We pulled up to a party on Friday to a cool surprise; a dinged up 912 on the street. Serious rust, rough interior, oil drips, missing crest... she was beautiful. The wife even thought the hunter green color was awesome. I was in the midst of drinking an oil can and blowing things up when the couple drove off. The wife was convinced I was going to run out and stop them, but I resisted the urge and simply enjoyed the sound of the engine as they drove by.

On another note, I've been researching my possible next Porsche project; an electric 914 conversion. I bought an instruction manuel from Electro Automotive out of CA. It's a fantastic step by step resource; very impressive. Not sure though since the 912 sighting got me thinking... and the latest issue of Excellence Magazine referenced the 10 collectible Porsche you should buy now, and the late 60's 911Ss sound awesome... then there's the Beck 550 I've been talking about for years... and lets not forget the additional upgrades to my beautiful C4... decisions decisions.


20 Years Later | New 911
20 Year EvolutionI hate summer colds. I also hate being a slacker. I read this article from Popular Mechanics last week and I never posted about it; 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera & Carrera S Test Drive: Tweaked for Power, Efficiency & New Tech. Now, you may be asking yourself "Andrew, what the hell, it's no C4..." and you would be correct, but it's the profile shot that got my attention. 20 years after my 1989 964 was introduced as

"...a car that was 85% new compared to the Carrera 3.2... Porsche Evolution"

From the article:

"...Not much is new on the outside, but the 911s for ’09 are identifiable by the revised front bumper and larger air intakes, as well as by new large mirrors and the bright strip of LEDs below the headlights that serve as daytime running lights. Inside the car, there’s a new communication management system, PCM 3.0, with a new touchscreen feature. And the car accepts all the latest MP3 gadgetry... PM"

Now, they are referring to the lack of exterior changes from the previous release, but have a look at the evolution above... the core is still 911. And my 911 accepts an iPod, thank you very much.


Stand Corrected | Bad Rubber
Bad RubberAside from the self-serving ego aspects of BLOGGING, I really enjoy when I get to communicate with the people that use this site as a resource (and 66912.com as well). My main goal here has always been to help show that Porsche obsession and web experience make an interesting combination. Most of this is for my own record, but some is for you (not you). I try and be as accurate as possible when it comes to my information, which is why I really like to be corrected when I've provided incorrect info (or in this case inaccurate; requires clarification). From way back in January 07 I posted about MONO. Thanks to reader Randy H. I have additional/accurate info:

"You found some Porsche advertising listed on a web site for MONO...Saying it was past work from them...Its true, it is past work from two of their creatives who worked for Carmichael Lynch for a short time...They started their own shop later (MONO) and show that work as part of their portfolio...Mono as an agency though has not had the Porsche account..."

There you have it. Credit due where credit is deserved. You'll remember Carmichael Lynch from the Bloodlines work I posted in February 08 (very nice work).

On the car front I've been considering tearing all the rubber off her and replacing. The drivers door seal has been a mess since I've had her, and the PO provided me with the replacement (he just hadn't gotten around to it, kind of like me). I've also got those front hood shocks to install (that's going to be a bitch).


Where Have I Been?
Alexei's 964Out driving, of course. The weather here has been on the wet side, so she's been inside more then I'd like, but I try and get her out a couple times a week. I need new wheels. I also need 17's, which I will take care of when I get new rubber. No other plans as of yet. I've been looking at BREMBO brakes for the next major upgrade (don't ask; seriously, it'll be pricey).

So I've been communicating with Alexei about the pros and cons of a 964. Looks as if he's taken the leap. Congrats. Images above are of his new ride... love that ass (I am a car pig). From his site:

"Also referred to as a 'Works Turbo Look' or Anniversary. Essentially this is a 964 C4 Coupe with a full Turbo Body and Carrera 4 chassis and motor. Introduced in March 1993 to celebrate the 30 years of continuous production of the 911, this was only available as a coupe. The specification is like the 1993 model Carrera 4, but with full leather, the electric rear spoiler, 17" Cup wheels, sunroof and air conditioning. Most of the 911 built were painted in Viola Metallic (a dark purple colour as picture above), on the engine lid a badge saying 30 Jahre 911'."


TowSo I'm driving down the road and I see a Ferrari. I jump close to him, have a look, and jump back into the left lane. He proceeds to blast by me with a posy of BMWs, Acuras, and Hondas biting at his tail. I refrain from joining the group and continue on home. As I merge onto 435 the car beings to shake, shutter, and loose power. I barely get home. Every time I have to idle the car cuts off. When I do finally make it home, Stephen and I have a back and forth diagnosis conversation. "...check the MAF..." I do. Everything appears to be in order. I even unplug the O2 sensor, which makes no difference. I'm told to have her towed in, which I do. Turns out it was simply an unplugged MAF after-all. Anyway, K is still in the hospital and I'm at a loss for time and apparently appropriate diagnosis... Thanks Stephen, she drives like a monster from hell.

BTW, I was racing a BMW on Todd George when we got blocked by a white Minivan (thank goodness) when a cop pops up on the left side-road... funny, because that would have sucked; even with my visitor pass still stuck to my check from KUMED.


Holy Crap; What a Drive
Hospital StayI've owned Porsche's for years. Granted, my first was a 912 (not a speed demon by any means) and my second was a stock 911 C4 (pretty fast mind you) with oil and compression issues. When we got the CLK430 I was blown away by the V8 (still am). The Jetta was fun, but the stock 4. The Escape was actually rather quick with the V6. Aside from that I've driven Boxters, Vets, Mustangs, Chargers, Vipers, BWM's... no real super cars to speak of, but fun and fast. My new 964 (and I do mean NEW) is simply awesome. responsive, fast, quick, powerful, agile, mean, controlled... just a blast to drive now. Can't wait for the DYNO.

Still at the hospital. All is good.

Still on the fence as to listing her for real, especially since all the work that has gone into her has paid off in sheer joy every time I get in and start her up.


Valve job Complete | She's Back!
Got her back, and does she flyMonths in the making, my 1989 911 C4 is back and in perfect shape. I just picked her up from Imagine this AM after a final valve job and replaced steering fluid reservoir (was leaking due to a plait seam). She was close to empty so I went ahead a filled her up with 100 octane (to a tune of just over $100; real nice). Jumping on her is a real treat. She literally flies down the road. Reaching 130 mph was a joke. Due to the wind I decided to back off a bit. Acceleration is blistering fast. She is awesome.

Wife has been in the hospital due to a tumor on her liver which was just removed yesterday. She's in the ICU now (where I am currently), and hopefully gets moved to a room tomorrow AM. Due to the current state of things I pondered selling the 964... don't know yet. She's freaking perfect now, Stephen and crew have done a fantastic job getting her to where she should be (we believe she is now in the 300hp range), but I also have other things going on at the moment. Anyway, I have yet to decide. If I do, you'll know it once you visit this site.

When (I did say when) I top 170 mph I'll be sure to grab a video or photo for the site. If I decide to sell her, well, she'll be in my garage till the new owner takes ownership.

I've also updated the cost section to reflect the gas and valve job.


War Memorial
War MemorialWe had a management retreat at the War Memorial downtown. I was early. Pulled up front and grabbed the shot above...unless you see the shot with my baby and my boss's ALFA.

I've got the installation shots of the strut brace in the photo section. I had started to document the replacement of the front and rear lid shocks but PP sent me the wrong ones (apparently it wasn't all that clear on the website). They're sending me a new set so I can complete that pain in the ass update.

Getting close to the 1,000 mile mark on the re-re-build. Valve job is getting close.


Cody's C4 & NSXWith my 964 back I've been posting over at 6speedonline.com in the (you guessed it) 964 section. I totally forgot a conversation I had over email with Cody back in 2007. He had just purchaed his 964 (above) and dug this site enough to ping me. I asked to post an image of his car and never did (dick move, I know).

I've been made aware I have a very long box from Performance Products waiting for me. Check back over the weekend to see the new Performance Strut Brace installed (and the deck lid/rear shocks).


Random Stuff
Random StuffI ordered a new oxygen sensor and some power steering fluid to fix that wining noise when I turn (which it fixed; I was a little low). Oxygen sensor went in quickly. Waiting on new deck lid & rear shocks (tired of them falling down, as you can imagine). I also ordered a Performance Strut Brace (red/black) which should be fun to put in. Lastly, I ordered a new set of tires and wheels, but unfortunately the supplier had the wheels backordered till June... so I'm going to look into a new supplier for a fester delivery. About 300 miles to go before the post re-re-build valve job. New images up in the photo section.

Also, I found this 964 video on YouTube from TopGear from way back in the day (check out his hair). Enjoy.


Happy Easter Everyone
She is BackKids and I had a nice drive in the 964... until...


This Blows
So the wife and I caught a movie last night. We hop in the car after it's over and start driving home. All of the sudden a terrible shutter from the drivers door shakes us both. No idea what it is, we continue driving home and the sound subsides. I get an earful about "wasn't this suppose to be ALL taken care OF!!!" from the wife, but I'm not convinced it's engine related (since it came from the door, after all). So today, on my way to the gym I plug my iPod in and begin scrolling though the artists... and WHOMMMMMMMMM... the noise is coming from the speakers on my side. I turn off the stereo and all is fixed. Back on, WHOMMMMMMMMMM. I've blown my speakers. Freaking great.


Wild Day
She is BackSo the day started off well enough. The break light came on, but I assumed that the break-pad sensor was acting up again (it did before the engine build). Drive into work was great. After work I decided to head over to the 100 octane pump Stephen told me about (that was fun). So having fun driving with a brand new rebuild and 100 octane I pressed down on the clutch to shift... and it stuck to the floorboard. Not good. Drove over to Imagine and they put me up on the lift (immediately). Turn's out I had a leaking original hose. While up in the lift I got some nice shots of the Imagine shop. 30 minutes later I was patched up and on my way. More image over on the photo section.


She Is Back
I got an email at 9:11am:

"She is ready!!!"

She is BackSo I was there by 9:40am to pick her up. Man, does she look and sound awesome. Driving is smooth and responsive. I will not be pushing her for a bit to ensure a comfortable break-in. I'll be watching how she acts for the next couple of weeks to make sure no lights pop on, no odd engine noise, no dying... I've posted some additional images over in the photo section. No rotating at the top... that image will be staying there for a bit. I've posted my first start and drive video. It has no real value. It's me happy to have her back. About it.

Spec sheet coming soon.


Pimped Out Porsche | The Girls Next Door | HULU
Pimped Out PorscheHULU just released open access to their site today to the general public. Free TV and Movies on your computer. Cool stuff. Not going to go into here since this is a Porsche specific blog... so when I encounter a new video or image file sharing experience I naturally search for Porsche 964. If no results are returned, I naturally search for Porsche. Well have a look at what I got back. I don't watch the show (seriously mom, I never even heard of it prior to this search, I swear!!!) so I don't know much about Bridget, but she has a Cayman S with some new Playboy rims.

Back to my actual vehicle, I've been told that it will be ready for me to pick up mid-late week. Stay tuned. Video, images, and first impressions. I will also have a spec sheet to provide as to the fantastic work Imagine has done, correct Stephen?

**This site is not associated with HULU or E!. The HULU & E! word mark and logo's are trade marks of the HULU & E!.**


So I'm sitting in the hospital...
Porsche 964 ValueRushing out the door to an appointment that would require a lot of waiting, I grabbed what I thought was the latest edition of my Excellence Magazine. Turns out April is out (must be in the house someplace), so I was reading Februarys issue. The GT2 article was cool. The 944 Turbo really has me wanting to check them out again. It was the 1989-98 911 Market Update that really caught my attention. I've provided a scan of the chart (over in the full article) that specifically impacts me; Carrera 4 Coupe. If we bring our attention to model year 1989 we notice Condition of Vehicle stated as "so-so" to "excellent" and then the values by year starting with 2003 and ending with 2007. So, in 2007 my vehicle (stock) ranged in values according to Excellence Magazine from $17,181 - $26,150...


Porsche Takes Majority Stake in VW
Porsche + VWIt's official. Porsche now has the biggest piece of the VW pie. From the AP:

On Monday, the supervisory board of Porsche Automobil Holding SE held an extraordinary meeting and authorized Porsche managers to set in motion steps needed to gain regulatory approval for the move, Porsche said.

"The reviews by the regulatory authorities are expected to take several months," a company statement said. "As soon as the requisite clearances have been obtained, Porsche SE can acquire the majority of the shares in Volkswagen."

It added that "it is not planned to merge the two companies."

We all knew it was coming. The net is full of related articles which I won't bore you with here. So, my biggest question is this... can we please see a new balls fast Karmenn Ghia now please? Someone?


We Have an Engine
Engine re-re-buildAfter months of waiting I am happy to report that I have a completely re-re-built 1989 Porsche 964 Carerra 4 engine. I saw it with my own lens. Imagine will be installing the engine next week... which means I get my baby back very very soon. Stay tuned for the first drive, more videos, more photos and the limited ability to drive like a demon due to having to keep the rpms at 3000 or below... that's going to suck (as it did last time we went around this race track).


Thunder Ranch
This is a post for me so I don't forget: Thunder Ranch 550.


Who Knew? PCA has their own road?
PCA RoadWe took a bit of a road trip this weekend down to the lake. Yes, it's freezing and cold, but it was a lot of fun. I really wish I had the 911 for the roads. On the way down I notice an off ramp. I pull the car over, get out, pop a shot and get back in. Wife looks at me:

"Prosche Club of America Road... nice..."


Top Gear | Audi R8 vs Porsche 911 GT3
Top GearI know, this is a 1989 911 C4 website... I know, I've been posting NON-911 C4 related Porsche stuff here as of late. Let's remember; shitty supplier = no Porsche. I'm left to share Porsche related bits that I find funny/cool or just awesome. That being said...

I love Top Gear. I only watch the YouTube videos/clips from the show. My all time favorite is the atom. Well, that was my all time favorite.

Don't get me wrong, I really dig the R8... but taking a banged up GT3 against it and blowing it's doors off... thank you very much.

**This site is not associated with Top Gear. The Top Gear word mark and logo are trade marks of the BBC.**


Porsche Bloodlines
Stuttgart is WatchingI just caught this. Hadn't been to The FWA in a while and noticed the January 31st winner was the Porsche microsite for the Porsche Cayenne GTS, Bloodlines. I haven't seen the commercials yet either. My favorite function is the engine rev'ing app for each of the vehicles.

Fantasy Interactive and Carmichael Lynch won the FWA Award for it.


Google Analytics | Stuttgart Is Watching
Stuttgart is WatchingSo the car should be back-in-order in the next couple of weeks. The delay has ben due to a rotten supplier. I will be photographing the re-re-bulid in the following weeks which will be posted here (of course).

So messing around with analytics the other day for another project it occurred to me "I wonder if anyone from Stuttgart ever checks out my site?" So I pulled a report and low and behold in the past 12 months I've gotten some activity from across the pond. I always smile when I think of a post from someone on a board from last year who visited my site when I had those videos up "...he should be more worried about Porsche shutting him down as soon as they find his site...they don't mess around." Ok buddy. I'm not that important, I'm not bashing Porsche in any manner, and it's free organic results that are qualified and contextual.

Hope everyone over at the plant enjoys the sites (both 89c4.com and 66912.com have been getting traffic). Thank you for your vehicles.


Porsche's First Newsletter
Porsche Online News Letter Got an email from Porsche letting me know they have started a new online newsletter. To be honest, I haven't gone into what they are trying to tell me, but I am looking forward to checking it out. For those that aren't on Porsche distro list, here you go: Porsche Newsletter.

So, where's the C4? Right, still not with me. Over three months in the shop. When will she be back? Your guess is as good as mine.


Mini Porsche Zip CarMerry Christmas everyone. 2 hours till C-Day. Wife and I exchanged a few gifts, and wouldn't you know it - I've got a cool Porsche toy to play with (ok, we all know I won't actually open the toy, but it does go up on my "cool shit" wall in the basement). No car as of yet; still building it back up. Seems rings are needed to complete the job. Not sure when I last DROVE a Porsche, so I'm getting very antsy. Should be soon. Happy Holidays everyone. Drive em like you stole em.

I know, my new toy is a 911 Turbo, and I don't HAVE a turbo, but it's still a cool ass toy.


Porsche Design Group| Holiday Awesome
Porsche Design Group Holiday GiftI learned well after owning my first Porsche that there was a separate Porsche Design Group dedicated to innovative industrial design. I think the first example I saw was a cigarette boat? Who knew. I thought about getting my kid a Porsche Design bike, then figured for the cost I could get another 912.

So while my car is still in the shop (don't ask) I've had very little Porsche contact. Last night was my holiday party... if you know me, you know what that means. On my way out I was handed a very nice parting gift; a Porsche Design Group Writing Tool (AKA, a pen). A BADDDDDDD ASSSSSSSS pen. I won't go into the details of my sad Porsche worship, but it was a wonderful gesture by my bosses; thank you again.

Porsche Design... too fucking cool. I'll never use it of course, but when I get that cigarette boat I will drop that bad boy in the water - worry not.


Thanksgiving Barn Find... sorta
Barn FindFirst off, Happy Thanksgiving all. I hope everyone is having a good turkey day. We spent the first part of the day down on the farm. Walking into the back room where football lives separate of the food, my uncle says to me,

"you like Porsches, right?"
"pretty much" I say as I try to catch the score.
"because I've got a 1959 Porsche in my barn back there..."

Turns out a buddy of his has had the car in Arizona for the past 30 years and has moved it up here. Pretty straight 356. I'm not much of a 356 guy, so I couldn't tell you anything "special" about it, but it is cool.

Why it's out in the barn, I don't know? Why his fried has it in my uncles barn, I don't know? Did it make my Turkey day; sure did. It was locked, so I could jump inside, but it looks real nice. According to the owner (according to my uncle) his intention is to restore it. Apparently there is a guy in Grain Valley? Who knew?


Isn't this a Porsche C4 Website?
What's with the Benz?
CLK430So as stated before, it's been a while since I've updated this site due to the fact that I don't have my C4. So what's a guy to do when his daily driver is in pieces and he works an hour away? Buys a new daily driver. This car is for my wife, but for the time being it's mine. 2000 MB CLK 430. It's balls fast. Lot of fun to drive. I'm not going to update this site with Benz stuff (I mean, come-on, I'd start a new URL for that), but I figured I'd at least toss up some seasonal shots.

As for the Porsche dedication, I've at least updated the Sightings section of this site to showcase some shots I've been slacking on putting up. I'll update with more C4 info when I know more.


Been quiet lately... where's the 911?
Well friends, I'm sad to say she's in the shop again. I've been VERY quiet as of late due to a number of issues, but the assumed condition is bad set of pistons. Regardless, the engine is being dropped again and checked. No real update to speak of. I did get another daily driver for the time being, which is sad because this is my favorite time of year to drive my C4. Anyway, when I know more I'll share more.

Also, jacking around online with keyword search I ran across this article about Keanu Reeves hitting a photographer with his Porsche? Worst part about the article is they didn't mention what KIND of Porsche and if IT was hurt?


Porsche gets a new agency
Porsche New Ad AgencySeems Porsche has a new ad agency... From Advertising Age:

"Porsche Cars North America today tapped Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago, for its estimated $40 million U.S. creative and media-buying account after a six-month review."

I'm going to guess that Porsche is ramping up for the new Panamera and Cayenne releases for 2009... you know, that "sedan" and "hybrid" offering they're going to offer. I know, I know, I sound like I don't like the idea, but I actually offered to buy my wife a used Cayenne and she refused. Her reason; she wanted a "green" vehicle. Well, 2009 isn't that far off, is it? Has Porsche diluted the brand with vehicles outside the performance arena? Will they be able to compete in the sedan class with the likes of BMW, Mercedes, and Audi? Time will tell my friends...

So lets talk about hybrids for a second... if you could have a vehicle that gets 30mpg, has been around since the 70's, and is fun to drive... and is still a Porsche to boot, would you go "green"? How about red? Wait an see.


C4's CAN go off road - or - Float Trip in The C4
Camping in the C4I don't think the wife had the C4 in mind for our float trip, but she did say if I could get everything in there she'd be cool with it...

1. Tent
2. Cooler
3. Camping Gear
4. Cooler (full of food, drink and snacks)
5. Bedding
6. Inflatable Bed
7. Chairs
8. Water Gear
9. Fan

The ride down was a lot of fun (all the way to southern MO), but when we got there I was greeted by drunk frat-like idiots, specifically the woman who screamed as I drove though the camp "wrong F*CKING CAR you JACKASS..." I was expecting to find my car trashed by the end of the weekend, but thankfully our group was tucked near the back.

Starting issues after sitting for 2 days... will need to look into.


And I thought the Video wouldn't work!
Video TestI apologize in advance for the foul language. I guess this video is more along the lines of PG-13 or R. I shot multiple videos today, but due to the holiday weekend and my attorney in Vegas on vacation, I can't ask him if I can post one of the videos (and wouldn't you know it's the best of the group!). When he gets back we'll see if I can in-fact post it for your viewing pleasure. This main one is actually a test of shots. Can I get the quality for online display that I want... can I get the download speed taken care of... will this become a new thing I do... Anyway, I was about to blow by a pickup when I realized I forgot to do something... oops.

Check out video of the exhaust and some windy roads. If my attorney gives me the green light (he has not given me the green light), look for a special treat. I'll let you know when.


So Where Was That Turbo?
Turbo DetailBack in March (March 5th, to be exact) I posted an image of a street corner. I asked if anyone could find the Turbo. For those that I pointed it out to, I was given a hard time - "come-on, how the hell was I suppose to see that!!" or "even in PhotoShop that's prety damn hard to see..."

So where was it? Have a look above. NOW, I may get slammed due to the fact that it may or may NOT be a Turbo, but I could have sworn it was a profile of a 930. Correct me if I am wrong, hasn't stopped any of you so far.

Also, back in December I posted a poll question about "Did anyone get a Sally Porsche for XMAS..." Most of you have selected the "Who the hell is Sally?" Sally, my friends without children, is the Baby Blue 911 in the animated film "Cars." I got 3 (2 small Matchbox, and 1 radio controlled).

Who knew today was the day of answered questions? Oh, and if the image up top isn't the detail, click refresh - I've just added it to the loop.

And on a side-note, for those who believe in God, he must be concerned about my life by having it rain all day the SAME day I get my C4 back... Thanks for looking out for me God - I know AWD isn't 100% in keeping me alive.


New Porsche Life
5.24.07The wait will soon be over. The transformation of my beautiful 964 is upon us. Tomorrow evening I pick up my classic (ok, 2 more years and she'll be a classic) 1989 Porsche 911 C4 (964) after she has undergone a total engine rebuild, sound system upgrade, and performance enhancement thanks to the guys at Imagine Auto. I've been unable to push her past 4000rpms for this entire year. That wait is soon to be over.

Multiple people have asked for audio on the new exhaust. Will do (was waiting till the final valve job). Others have asked me "where the hell was the Turbo in the picture??" I'll answer that for everyone hopefully tomorrow with a detail. What I've been wanting to do is provide videos of my new vehicles performance... just trying to figure out setup of the camera, or if I want to add the additional weight of another person... would slow me down a little, but we'll see.

There MAY not be a post tomorrow due to the "glee" factor, but know that I am documenting with both photo and video to post the re-birth of my baby in the very near future.


Santa Fe Auto Sound
Santa Fe Auto SoundSo a friend of mine owns a company. I'm sure if you've walked into a BestBuy or Ultimate Electronics you've seen a wall of speakers and the ability to switch between them to see which ones sound better? Yeah, that all started thanks to my buddy. So when I asked him where I should go for the best quality and service to fine-tune my system he tells me Santa Fe Auto Sound. I drive over there, tell them my issues (have an iPod connector that I can't get in, blown out speaker, would like my amp tuned to my new stereo and speakers... general walk around audio wise), and BAM they walk out, pop out my stereo, install my iPod hookup on the spot and tell me they can get me in TOMORROW for the speakers and tune-up. Good god! Can't wait to hear my system tomorrow afternoon - yes, they said it would be ready in the afternoon!


Somebody Save Me...
Smallville CrashWe had a nice long weekend of trying to get the boy to ride his bike sans training wheels, a wedding, and me detailing the C4. My wheels look awesome (for the time being, seeing as Noah is building a big boat in my backyard). So late last night we dropped in Season 2 of Smallville. I had to pause for a second and this was burned on the tv. Thought it was kind of cool (waste - who drives a perfectly good 911 off a bridge?? I know, I should also grab a shot from OldSchool towards then end as well). If you have no idea what I'm talking about and only see a Yellow Optima battery, hit refresh - I've simply added this image into the rotation).


Yellow Fever
Optima Yellow BatteryI have been such a slacker here (one could argue that since the return of my beloved Porsche that I haven't had TIME for posts due to excessive driving... or I'm just a slacker). My apologies. I'll try and stay more current.

These are way old images I had sitting in my Images folder. After I got my baby back I contacted these guys and had super fast service (info provided by 6speedonline.com posting). Check out the images section to see the walk though, but alas there was a problem. Seems I got a bad battery. No juice. Had to have the wife dive out and give me the old battery to get home! Contacted the seller and got a new one within 2 days. Amazing service. Would definatly deal with again.

Other Updates in the Works:

  1. Getting quotes on turbo style side mirrors (because I like the way they look better then the stock "square" style I currently have - back off).
  2. Getting a 964 Stage 1 upgrade when I drop her off for the very much needed valve job and oil change/check.
  3. Engine documentation with detailed images (waiting on the disc of images and detailed breakdown of service done).
  4. Did someone say vanity plates (after a fiasco where my first choice was already TAKEN!?).

Stuff Magazine
Stuff Porsche ArticleSo when I'm not reading Panaroma Magazine I'm reading Stuff. In this month's issue there is a section in their Hit List:

"LOOK AT YOU! NOW YOU'RE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE Set your Porsche apart from all the others on the block with nameyourporsche.com. They'll cut your name - or any five-letter word - out of solid aluminum for $450. Additional letters are 60 bucks each, so start saving, Michael McDouchebag."

Now, I'm not saying I'm spending $450 on personalized letters for my C4, but I will say I've been to the website.


Holy Lamborghini BatMan
Nice LamboSo I'm driving back from the office at around 3pm. I'm on 470. I notice a low riding red car in the right lane driving rather slow. I get close. Holy crap, it's a Lambo. So, not to be rude (and since I still can't go above 4000rpms) I drive by pretty cool. Totally expecting no notice at all I am shocked by a quick "peace" gesture from the driver.

Let me back up here - I haven't been very impressed with the Porsche driving community around here in KC. I've been snubed by far too many Turbos to count, ignored by 944s, and don't get me started on the Cayenne's (not a single nod - ever). Out of state; totally different story. NOW, I was just "hey" by the silver targa in my office park, but usually I'm ignored.

So the Lamborghini is going painfully slow. I can't catch a break to get cose to him (by this point I've taken out my good camera). I want a shot from the side. I get a chance, slow down, and grab a shot of him again giving me the "peace" sign. Then, he goes onto (in sign language - not ACTUAL sign language people) gesture how cool my car is... nice guy. Awesome Diablo.


Happy BirthdayWell the day has finally come. I picked her up last Friday. 1,000 under 4000RPMs, a valve job, and she'll be better then ever. What a great job by the Imagine guys. The new exhaust is totally awesome. I'll have a lot more detail to come like images from the build, some cool videos, and some exhaust audio. I'll also have detailed description from the build with specs.

On a side note, we went to the KC Auto Show this past weekend and I spent some time in the Porsche section (no, really?). I took a bunch of pix so check them out in the photo section.

Also, I blew out my passenger rear sub at some point and it's making listening to my tunes a bit of a pain. I also attempted to hookup my iPod cable - not enough room for me to fit. Going to have to remove the stero to get it pluged in. I started to document that, but came to a point where I didn't want to deal, so look for that pain in the photo section as well.


It Haunts Me
Work TargaThere is this 911 Targa in the parking lot next to mine where I work. Parked right where I can see it every time I walk out the side door. It's killing me. It needs some classic company. Just to be funny, I'm going to park right next to it when I get mine back. Look, when I get her back these posts will be all about the car, not my insaine random Porsche inner-thoughts.

By the way, I haven't receive a single email from anyone who has found the turbo in the image up above... I know I'm getting traffic... 93 visits so far since I posted, so I know SOMEONE out there has looked... geeze, it's not as if I'd post your email, just your first name and last initial. Hell, I'll just make up a name for you and post that.

Image stays till I get at least 1 email.


Rebuild Update | Find The Turbo?
Find The TurboI spoke with Stephen last week ragarding the rebuild. At last check, they had to put the tin back on and run a bunch of extensive tests to make sure all is well. He also needed to get his detailer in to clean her up. I was told that I'd have her back THIS WEEK. Look for images, stories, poems... you know, the norm.

Fun little game here - In the picture shown (no rotaing set this time) there is an early 911 Turbo in the picture above... can you find it? Those that figure it out email me and I'll post your name to the winners circle.


Missing Engine
Missing EngineI woke up this morning pissed that I didn't take my camera with me yesterday to the shop. On my way in to work I stopped by to see if anyone was in early (they were not - it was pretty early), but I knew my baby was around back so I headed to the rear. Lined up at the end of a row, my baby was just sitting there, jacked up in the rear, covered in snow. Had it not been for a Panorama article about the C4 months back with images of the vehicles covered in snow I might have been a little freaked. With the older Porsche's (my only frame of reference is my now gone 1966 912) snow, ice, SALT were killers. Anyway, I drive my new baby in all weather (as she should be driven) so a little snow won't hurt. And she's getting detailed, so all is fine.

I'm going to try and head back over with my camera and pop some shots of my engine in its current state. If I get over there, check back over the weekend for new pix. BTW, I have more detailed images of my missing engine over in the photography section.

Got back over during lunch. Added a couple images to the rotation up top (just hit refresh a couple times). Going to add the rest of the images over in the photography section now.


Still Waiting
Naked EngineWell, lets recap the things I found out today: my pistons are still not back from California, my baby is without an engine and out in the snow behind the shop because there's "no room" inside, and there is still a solid week left to put her back together once the final parts get it. On a more positive note: once the parts get back there's a solid week to get things put back together, she'll be "detailed to the max" by Stephen's guy, and I actually got the see my engine naked on the stand. Did I take a picture? No (but I did go back and grab a few). Will there be a bunch of pictures to show the work? Hope so - but mostly I just want her back. Also, 12 months / 12,000 miles on my new engine which is a nice thing.

I've put back up some of the images I like of her in the main window up top. For those of you that come back often, I have a random image set to rotate though. Hit shift refresh if you don't believe me. I've posted 8 images into the rotation.

If my new vanity plates get in before she's done (god help me if the plates get in before she's done) I'll toss them up there as a static image for a while.


eBay Treasures Part 2
PDF Reproduction DocumentsYou knew I couldn't resist... here are the rest of the reporduction articles from Feb 1989. There are some great words here about my favorite vehicle. Once again, enjoy.

1989 Automobile Magazine
1989 Porsche Panorama
1989 Road and Track


eBay Treasures
PDF Reproduction DocumentsI've been on an original documents kick as of late. It started when I was looking for an original upgrade products catalog. I've discovered a whole slew of sales brochures, dealers posters & general marketing materials. Being the dork that I am, I've started picking up random pieces.

1989 Porsche Sales Brochure Tri-Fold
1989 Re-Print of an original Car & Driver First Look

Now, as you may have noticed by clicking on the links, these are PDF reproductions. Enjoy. If I get the itch I'll produce the other 3 magazine reproductions as well. Not sure about copyright issues, so shhhhhh.


Random Stuff + A Selected Photo
Selected PCA PhotoNot much to report. Still waiting on my rebuild. No end in sight. I'm really starting to get withdrawal. Trying to find something Porsche related to post about. I mean, don't get me wrong, I could post every day about Porsche's, but I try and keep it to the relevant stuff.

PCA membership just came up for renewal. Took care of that for the next 3 years. Seriously, Panorama is my favorite magazine (with Saveur & Stuff a very close second and third).

I also contacted the local Motor Vehicle Department to get the forms for vanity plates. I'll fill you all in when they get here (I'd hate for someone to steal my idea).

And lastly, one of the coolest things to happen since, well, XMAS...I was on the PCA.org site poking around and I came across the Photographs of hr Month section. And wouldn't you know it, there was a link to the head Photo Editor. He asked members for "December" type images. I shot a great shot during the first snow here in KC. My C4 was in a lot with nothing but SUVs. So, I submit it to the editor. He ping me back a couple days later "you got in..." Very cool.


Porsche Boutique & Accessories
Porsche BoutiqueI purchased this little book with the intention of finding a stock offered accessory from 1989. What I found was mostly clothing and really bad hair. The idea was to see what styles of seats Porsche offered. See, my seats are getting a bit worn, so I was going to call EASY to see what they had. I know my seats are not the top of the line option (not the heated, or totally electric) - so I want those. Anyway, I was just wanted to see what custom options I could get from EASY.

I just ordered a couple original sales sheets from 1989 as well. I'll post some images when I get them.


Keyword Visibility Index1/8/07
I'm not going to talk about this much, or go into a lot of detail, but I did want to post this image displaying the work I've been doing for this site. See, I've been focusing a good deal of effort in a few departments, and it's nice to see the payoff. This doesn't mean much to most, but to a few it's very much on the cool side of geek-dom.

Porsche | Agency Work
In my business I come across all kinds of creative work (online, offline, broadcast, etc.). I've also found different agencies that handle the Porsche account, or divisions of Porsche. When I do I'll be sure to mention them here - because what kind of big dork would I be if I didn't?

This sample comes from a couple MONO creatives. They list Porsche as "past work".

Online Communities
I've been posting to a number of new boards lately. When I was entrenched in my 912 I spent a lot of time over at 912bbs.org. Great group of people obsessed with everything 912. I learned a lot from them. It was a nice mix of technical with silly personal stories - a real community (Dave Hillman runs it). Since I've sold the 912, I've been looking for another type of community. I'm trying out a couple currently:

porsche964 (UK Yahoo Groups)

I've also joined the 964 Registry (which has a Forum area but isn't as robust as the other 2 I've been reading). And lets not forget the invaluable resource that is Pelican.

New Car Tunes
New StereoI'd been meaning to ask what kind of stereo Stephen installed for me (sounds kind of odd not to have a specific one in mind, but hey, that's the kind of guy I am). I have a Panasonic CQ-C3303U from what Jeremy tells me. From Crutchfield:

"You can play recordable discs, including those you've loaded with MP3 and WMA music files, and you can control a Panasonic satellite radio right from the faceplate. Best of all, you can even use Panasonic's optional iPod interface to manage your digital music library while you're on the go..."

This is perfect since I just bought a new iPod Nano (product)red from Apple today. I called over and asked for the model number so I could get an adapter to actually play my new iPod. Again, from Crutchfield:

"The CA-DC300U allows you to control track selection, scroll through albums, and even select from all of your playlists. And, best of all, the system will provide power and even charge the iPod's battery while it's connected..."

So all I need are some songs and my 911. Next week we'll be hopefully rocking.

I should post some detailed shots and specs for what was done to my 911 by a PO. Custom rear speakers that are removable. Set just behind the seats. Matching vehicle black felt. Perfect fit job out of CA (as I understand it). I'll look though my paperwork and see what I can dig up (and take some shots).

I want to know how many Porsche owners got a Sally 911 for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa.

I also got a very cool set of 25 "VROOM" all purpose wipes. Love the logo. And they are orange bergamot scent...whatever that is.

Once again, happy holidays to all.

Early XMAS Part 2
Sally 911Seems the ever growing cool items for the car are piling up. There was a large flat box hiden behind the tree. I thought maybe a poster or framed picture. Seems the elfs have been working hard to fill my list completly -Loydd Mats. Custom cut rubber mats for the winter months (actually, all year since rain and gunk don't limit themselves to just the winter months).

All that's left is the performance enhancing items...come-on Booster Chip!

Early XMAS
New KeyWe've started to open presents early here since we'll be other places on the actual 25th. I wasn't aware that when I requested a replacement key housing it would come with an actual blank. Very cool - now i'll have a spare. I'm also looking forward to installing the new wiper on the drivers side so I can actually see in the rain/snow.

On a site note, I talked to Stephen yesterday and he told me the parts had been sent out to be powder-coated and machined. All is well. It was nasty on the inside. We should be in good shape.

Happy Holidays to everyone out there. Odds are, my next post will be in the New Year (unless something comes up that can't wait). Be safe people.

Let The Re-Build Begin
Company Daily DriverIt has begun. I dropped off the initial deposit around noon. They've already started to drop the engine. Images up there are my company daily driver, Stephens TT and a cool Porsche trailer that IA must use for track events. Lets see if you can figure out which is the TT and which is my daily driver for the time being.

More info when I have it.

Engine Rebuild Away
See, I thought I was smart by NOT listing my cost's associated with my new Porsche. See, I knew my 911 had oil issues. I also knew that at some point those issues would need to be taken care of. What I didn't realize was today would be that realization.

I had a nice conversation with my Porsche guy - Mr. Kaspar (you might know him as a PCA technical advisor). He's informed me that for the cost I can afford (tell that to my pissed off wife), we're talking about a rebuild. We might also be able to get a new exhaust which is the final stage I was wanting to have done. With all this, I'll have a brand new 911 C4.

That all being said, I'll have a new article and pictures in the Upgrades section, a whole hell of a lot of new pictures, and some road trips to come very soon. Stay tuned - I'm giving him the okay tomorrow (along with a deposit). He tells me it'll take about 3 weeks. I'll update when I get new info.

Talk about links
This portal site has a ton. If you ever find the time (or feel like wasting hours looking at what other Porsche sites look like - but really, why would you?) have a look: Automotive-Links

Getting to the specific sections I know we care about: Porsche

The Horror
I was trying to locate a piece of code used by a website when I discovered the website had been pulled down. Wondering why, I did a search and found a long list of articles about the co-owner crashing his Ferrari Enzo in the California hills. While reading they mentioned a website: wreckedexotics.com. I headed over to see the nasty photos and all the police coverage surrounding the incident. While there I figured I'd check out what 964's had been wrecked (or at least documented on this site). Here you go.

On another note, I should hear back this afternoon what the cost will be for the series of things I sent my C4 over to ImagineAuto for:

  1. oil change
  2. break light is on (I want it off)
  3. she's dying on me (I drive her for more then 15 minutes, when I shut her off and try to start her back up, she fires up just fine but then dies. Battery? Voltage Regulator?)
  4. winterize the car (new wiper blades, anything else that you recommend)
  5. single in-dash CD player (how much is that going to cost me - I want something real low profile - Porsche stock would be awesome if available)?
  6. oil leaks (diagnosis, cost associated, time it would take)


LN Engineering12/06/06
LN Engineering
Charles runs and owns LN Engineering. They make Nickies™, The Original & Genuine Solid Aluminum CNC Billet Nikasil-Plated Cylinders for Porsche and Volkswagen. Charles has a couple BLOGs for his 66 912 he recently sold, and his current C4 Cab. Now lets review - he had a 66 912. Sold it. Got a C4. Both Red. He has BLOGs for both - does this sound familiar?

I love getting email
It's rare that I get responses from the outside Web world, but when I do I really like it. I see all the hits I get from around the world, so it's cool to get an actual response from someone. So email me people, I like it, and I mention you.

Fabian from CA emails me to tell me about a twin I must have:

"Also, I noticed you just bought a new C4. Don't know if your'e aware of the following site, but it seems to me you and Charles are living in a parallel universe..."

I offered to post images and details of any projects Fabian is working on for his 1966 912. We'll see if he takes me up on it. Check back either here or over at 66912.com.

First Snow
First SnowI wanted to have a daily driver Porsche. I searched for just the right C4. Why a C4 you ask? Because I live in an area that has seasons: Summer, Fall, Spring & WINTER! I needed the AWD system so I wouldn't get too crazy. I mean, they get a shit load of snow in Germany too right? Hey, my baby isn't a garage queen.

One thing that might have been nice prior to the snow dump would have been to take care of the oil issue, break light on issue, vehicle dying on me randomly after stopping then trying to start her back up...but she's at the doc's now so I'll get an update mid-week.

I have pictures of the kids in the car with me, my oil issues, and more from the 3 hour drive home in the snow (it normally takes me 30 minutes - 45 minutes tops). I'll post those later on.

First Porsche | 1966 91211/19/06
Fall Drive
It's been quite a long time since I just "drove" my car for the fun of the drive. I've been sick and a bit stir crazy, so I took to the back roads of lake Jacomo. I used to drive my 912 back there a lot. This time of year there aren't too many cars, so driving in the 70s on twisty roads is pretty safe.

I've also included some code to allow for random image display on browser session. Makes the site feel more fresh on repeat viewings. Usability stuff. Geek stuff.

XMAS is Coming
I found a great Porsche 912 project car on Ebay that I asked my wife to get me for XMAS. At last look she hadn't even BID!? Granted, for the cost of the vehicle, and the new parts, and additional gas, time, resources, etc. I could get that Turbo put into my current 911. Or, I could get a total engine rebuild. Or, I could get all new front and back Brembo breaks.

Moving right along, a couple people have asked me what I want for XMAS this year. I've been shooting a blank, till the lastest Performance Products catalong arrived this week. I might have picked out a couple items I could use in the New Year. Click Here to view list.

Happy Birthday
100,000 MilesSo at 5:02pm driving on 50West just about to merge onto 291 North my baby turns 100,000 miles. I've been planning on taking her in for a couple minor issues. It looks like the soonest I'll be able to is the first week of December. More to come.
Business trip down to Tulsa, OK
OK TripI was sent down to the AROC convention (since we do the website). Talk about a great reason to drive 4 hours south in my 911. It was a bit hot, but such an amazing drive. I have picture I need to add to the photo's section and do a run down in the Roadtrips section as well. I'm working on it.
I replace the Rear Wall
(cracked section of the spoiler)

Rear SpoilerI wanted to do a small projecton the car - so I replaced the Rear Wall of the spoiler. Hour, max. Then I took her out to make sure I did it right. From the picture up there, I guess I'm cool. You can read about it in the Upgrades section.
New Postings, New Images
Road TripIt had been a while since I took the car out for just the sake of taking her out. I also had a number of postings in the ROADTRIP section that I just hadn't gotten around to posting - still missing a couple of things on a couple, but all in all they be there.
Rain, Rain, go away...and all that shit
I've got stories, I've got pictures (ok, I went ahead and posted the Valve Job pictures in the photographs section), I've even got her back without any warning lights, but I have also been killing myself at work with little time to drive her or post here. Steve (if he lets me post it) has one HELL of a story for me to post too. I'll get to it - give me a couple days this week to calm things down.

Uh-Oh - So, how bad are those oil leaks?
Imagine AutoWell, I get the call from my doctor (Porsche Doctor, that is) that I have some serious leaks. I have 2 options: (a) leave it alone, let it go, and hope for the best (b) open the valve covers and see if anything is a miss. I told Steven this is going to be my daily, so jump in. We'll hope for the best. I should know by the end of the week what the damage is.

Also, the 2 lights coming on during my drive home are due to a bad *something* that is causing fluid to spray out all over the place. Not a big deal, except the part has to come from Germany - so even if I wasn't leaking oil, I'd still be waiting till the end of the week for that part.

I turn 30
30 DriveKind of an odd time to do so (if I do say so myself) but I took my new toy into the doctor today to be checked out. I did, however, drive her into work and took both my boss and office manager for a spin. I hope to have her back tomorrow, but am fine if I have to wait till Saturday.
Original photograph provided by previous owner
Original PhotoThis image is from the original set Steve provided me a number of months ago. The car had been listed on PCA.org for some time. I had offered him less originally; because that was all I was able to swing at the time. Fast forward a couple months and I am able to offer something Steve can work with. I plan on picking her up the day before my 30th birthday.
I get the email
"The car is yours..."
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