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April 14th 2006
Travel from House to Store back to House
Dog Food PickUp
So I'm off to get some dog food at the store (ok, there's a point to this, I'm not this much of an ass that I'd actually document JUST going to pick up some dog food). On the way there I see on the other side of the road a cool 914-4 that I've seen around before (I actually spoke with the owner at my gym; I think she was a little put off at me screaming "I LOVE YOUR CAR"). So I had some pretty good Porsche karma going on. We also saw a couple Boxters over in Kansas - moving on.

So I'm driving along on 50 hwy, hanging just fine in the left hand lane when I spot the FIRST Porsche to pull close on the highway. Back in the 912 whevever I drove her people would stare, but other Porsche owners would actually wave and talk to me when I stopped. A cool club; community - people of like tastes. I snapped a few pix along the way and always felt part of something - dorky as it may sound.

So here comes this newer Carerra behind me. Slate Grey. I'm thinking "cool, first wave of the new ownership." I don't even grab my camera to take a pix; this is just one friendly wave to another Porsche owner. So the guy makes a move to the right - cool, no problem. I look over as he passes me and he passes me. Let me repeate that: he PASSES me. No wave. What the HELL?

So I guess Turbo owners (it was a Turbo with a serious tail - early 2000's) don't wave because they're too good for us NON-Turbo owners? I mean, it's 3:30 in the afternoon on a Friday, what the hell?

So I grab my camera. F-him. I take my shot and grab a good one. Let's hope this was just a one timer and not the norm. I'd hate to think the Kansas/Missouri Porsche community has more appreciation for a Classic 912 then a rockin 911?

Needless to say, I'm making way too big a deal of this whole thing, but then again, this is a person who has a dedicated website to document his 1989 Porsche 911 Carrera 4. Could this be the very same person (*cough* dork) who takes self portraits in his Porsche? Could be my friends, could be indeed.

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