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Drop My Engine

Initial Check-Up
Rear Spoiler
Engine Drop
B&B Exhaust
Stereo Tune-Up

Starting The Three Week Re-Build
I don't have much to report other then I paid my initial payment today to get the work started. They'd already started to remove my engine prior to me getting there. I'm going to be gone for about a week around XMAS, so this was the perfect time to get this going.

I didn't ask if they took care of my break sensor - I'm guessing they did. When you have a set of items you want fixed that blends into a total engine re-build things get a little fuzzy.

The guys at IA tell me they'll have a CD full of the drop, rebuild, install, exhaust, etc. I'll post a whole series of shots here when I get the car back.

Going to be pretty quiet here for the next three weeks.


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