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April 29th 2006
Tom & Two West

Two West is where I work. It's a cool ass building - Annes Lofts, to be exact . We share residential space with tenants. Tom lives on the forth floor. I met Tom last week. Tom drives a Black on red leather interior BMW Z8. He parks it outside when the weather is nice. As I pull the car in last week a guy sitting on the stoop of the front entrance says to me:

"you're Two West?"
- yup
"that's your car?"
- yes it is
"I've seen that car parked there recently..."

At this point I figured Tom was about to chew me out for parking in one of the spaces close to the building. I mean, after all, he lives here, and I only work here, but since I don't have covered parking I like to keep it close and in the shade.

"I've seen that car parked there recently...and I said to myself; I like that car..."
- (with a grin) thanks, I like it too. I just got her.
"see, I'm around a good deal, so if you need any errands run, or anything picked up you just let me know..."
- how about I just get you a set made to have on hand?
"that sounds good...good idea..."

I'm thinking to myself "you have a $100,000 +/- BMW out there and you want to drive MY car?" I'm thinking a switch might be in order. I toss him the keys for the weekend on the Porsche, while he tosses me the keys to the Z8!? We'll see my friends.

So I'm walking out to lunch yesterday and I pass him on the stairs with a can and a brush? He says:

"yeah, I noticed some paint chips on your car so I'm going to touch them up for you..." and continues to walk down. I think he was kidding, but I actually never checked to see either way...

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